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December 30, 2011
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Christmas had come and gone in a flash now everyone was preparing for New Year's Eve. America had a large party planned that you could only assume would have alcohol since France appeared to be going. When you had received your invitation two weeks ago you had shoved it under a pile of junk mail. At the moment you were still taking down all the Christmas lights America and Italy had decorated your house with. Which was a huge surprise when you got home from the grocery store. "Why am I stuck with cleaning all of this up?" you grumbled to yourself as you climbed your latter that you never use. "Those two block heads should be doing this!!" you yelled slightly. "U-um _- ____? Would you like s-some help?" you heard a small voice say from somewhere behind you. When you turned you saw Canada smiling shyly at you from behind his scarf. "Um sure if you don't mind Mattie." You said smiling sliding down the latter. "I'm not very good with the Christmas decorating so I don't know how to really get this stuff down." You said slightly embarrassed. Canada smiled, "I can do it eh." He said climbing up.

After an hour or so Canada had all the lights taken down and most of the inflatable Santa's and Snowmen. "Thanks Mattie." You said handing him a cup of hot coco with large marshmallows. "Y-your welcome. If you need help with anything else just ask eh." He said smiling before taking a sip. "S-so are you going to Alfred's party?" he asked. "I'm not sure especially after he decorated my house without permission." You said looking over to see his smile fall slightly. "But um if you're gonna go Mattie then I'll definitely come." You said smiling. "We can watch the ball drop together." Canada smiled and nodded. "W-what's your New Year's resolution _____?" he asked getting up to put his cup in the sink. "Hm I guess to start a new hobby. Maybe I'll make my own clothes." You said smiling. "What's your Mattie?" "T-that's a secret." He said smiling as he put a finger to his lips. The grandfather clock that you had inherited from your grandmother rung signaling that it was eight. "W-well I better be going. I've got to feed my polar bear and get stuff ready for the party. I promised Al that I'd bring some food." "Okay see you at the party." You said as you watched him walk to his house a few houses down and across the street.

Two days passed and it was time for Alfred's party, which you unenthusiastically dressed nice for. "This is all for Mattie." You chanted as you went through the day getting ready. You took a long relaxing shower, picked out a nice black skirt and a blue blouse. You then proceeded to dry and comb your (hair color) hair. After you had finished doing what you needed to do you heard a knock on your door. Matt had arrived in a cute pair of black pants and a nice dress shirt that had a small maple leaf on the pocket. "Y-you look great _____!" he said smiling. "Thanks. You look good too Mattie." You said before going to get the sweets you made and drive off in his car. Once you arrived to the party it was already ten and France was hitting on you the minute you walked in the door. "Sorry Francis but I'm just gonna stay with Mattie tonight." You said smiling and waving as you dragged Matt to the food table. "Okay so what do you want to do first?" you asked looking around. A slow song came on and Matt smiled with a slight blush. "W-would you like to dance?" "Sure!" you said as he took you to the dance floor. It had seemed like forever as you danced. Matt held you close and danced very well, at least you thought so. You and Matt had fun throughout the party, you ate a little and danced and you even drank a cup or too of wine. Matt though had drunk a little too much and passed out before midnight. When it was time for the ball to drop you counted down with Matt's head in your lap and when the number one came up you kissed his forehead and smiled. "Happy New Year Mattie. I love you." And you swore you heard a faint. "I love you too ____."
This is a commission for :iconduampuppy:

The picture belongs to :iconmoonlittiger:
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